3rd Annual RZF Print Stipend for Marginalized Zinesters

We’re incredibly excited to award $50 Stipends to 17 zine projects this year!

The organizers of Richmond Zine Fest are committed to prioritizing and encouraging marginalized groups seeking participation in independent media. If zines and zine culture historically have been about making space for those of us on the fringe of mainstream society and media, what sense does that make if cis hetero white men who don’t live with a disability dominate the scene? In 2016, we created the print stipend to be awarded to creators who are black, non-black POC, LGBTQIA+, and/or have visible/invisible disabilities.

In previous years, Richmond Zine Fest funded all stipends with proceeds from t-shirt and other merchandise sales and a benefit show. This year in addition to our $400 from last year’s merch sales, we approached several local businesses for our Sponsor a Stipend project. Shout out to the following places! Support these businesses who also support independent creators and artists ❤


Circle Thrift sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Hosts art shows and community events in addition to selling rad, affordable second-hand items. Check them out at 7 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Steady Sounds sponsored 1 stipend recipient. All-vinyl record shop that often hosts in-store shows. They buy and sell records and stereo equipment. Stop by their location at 322 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Chop Suey Books sponsored 1 stipend recipient. This new and used bookshop also hosts art shows, readings, and the occasional craft market. They’re located in Carytown on 2913 W. Cary St., Richmond, VA.

Harrison Street Cafe sponsored 2 stipend recipients. A favorite vegetarian and vegan cafe since 2001. Try their tempeh artichoke sub some time at 402 N. Harrison St., Richmond, VA.

Studio Two Three sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Local nonprofit that offers studio space, access to printing and darkroom equipment, art classes, and other amazing opportunities for creatives to collaborate with local businesses, other nonprofit and movement building initiatives in our communities. They’re located in Scott’s Addition at 3300 W. Clay St., Richmond, VA.

Velocity Comics sponsored 1 stipend recipient. The absolute best comic shop in Richmond! There’s a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and they have an excellent variety of local, independent, and major publisher comics and graphic novels. Located on the VCU campus at 819 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Vinyl Conflict sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Richmond’s only hardcore punk metal dedicated record store! They accept special orders and buy and trade records!  Find a diamond in the rough at their Oregon Hill location 324 S. Pine St., Richmond, VA.

Charm School Social Club sponsored 1 stipend recipient. A variety of vegan and non-vegan ice cream flavors served in a bowl or handmade cone! You can also order pints and ice cream floats! Treat yourself to that toasted vegan fluff at 311 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.