All programs and exhibitions are free! Just bring yourself and be ready to engage your mind, your hands, or both! Schedule may be subject to changes.

11-11:50 Making the Most Out of Kickstarter (ages 18+ creators and aspiring creators)

This workshop will give a first person account of success with Kickstarter and provide tips for making the most out of a crowdfunding campaign for any creative endeavor.

After working in a comic book store for 10 years, Adam Casey successfully funded a graphic novel on Kickstarter. He has another campaign that is successful and about to end for greeting cards.

12-12:50 Self-Portrait Empowerment (all ages and skill levels)

Join us as we create images of ourselves and explore our creativity and agency together. Art supplies will be provided. This workshop will include casual discussion around our experiences of identity and self-definition. Sharing is encouraged, but completely optional.

Brianna Gribben is a feminist artist and teacher creating zines and textile work focusing on identity, healing, and self-actualization. She is interested in the power of self-definition and identity creation through art. Her perzine, me-party, is an ongoing exploration of her identity and emotions.

1-1:50 Black Zines/Lives Matter (mature teens and adults)

Most often when you hear/see the words Black Lives Matter, it means we have lost someone. To be black and driven to create, survive, and share means to be constantly unlearning the tools of white supremacy and finding strength in the saying we matter: black words matter, black trauma matters, black content matters, black imagination matters, black joy matters, black lives matter. Join us as we recognize black voices/zines, celebrate the art/writing that has come out of the BLM movement, and create something of our own.

This workshop will be black, black trans, and black queer centered. Anyone who doesn’t identify as such are welcome to appreciate, learn, and listen, but they are expected to be mindful of how much space they take up.

2-2:50 D.I.Y. Community Archiving & the SW Virginia Punk History Project

The CHS Zine Club is participating in a massive, ongoing DIY local history project focused on the SW VA Punk community. This year they have collected around 60 zines and thousands of DIY flyers, albums, song-sheets, interviews, etc. from a couple dozen contributors, and are now making copies of the materials to distro and donate to regional archives and libraries. In April they helped to curate the first exhibition of around 200 objects, not only choosing and hanging the works but comparing data to date the flyers & zines and make connections to flesh out the history of the community.

3-4:15 Collages with Meaning (all ages, emphasis on 3rd-5th graders)

Turn simple images from magazines or newspapers to create profound collages! Learn from collage artists such as Romare Bearden, Ellen Gallagher, Hannah Höch, and much more!

Marion a junior in high school who publishes her own zines. She learned about collages and different collage-artists at the UVA Young Writers Workshop and also from many visits to art museums. She will be showing them her own creations, along with the works of Ellen Gallagher, Hannah Höch, and Romare Bearden.

4:30-5:30 Comic Pacing and Character Design (all ages)

An introduction to understanding comic pacing and character design. This workshop will be part lecture and part execution. Bring writing utensils and sketchbook or paper.

Bizhan Khodabandeh is an award winning graphic designer/illustrator/comic artist. He has experience self-publishing comics and doing both educational and commercial comics. Four of his comics have been recognized by the society of illustrators and one has been awarded a silver medal – also through the society of illustrators.