Thank you for your interest in registering to participate in this year’s Richmond Zine Fest. This is a celebration and gathering of all types of zines and D.I.Y. culture. All that we ask is that you devote at least 50% of your table to zines and respect your fellow zine-makers. A half table is $10, a full-table is $20, and 2 tables are $35.

For tablers: OPEN REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. We are blown away by the number of exhibitors we have this year! Thank you all for choosing Richmond Zine Fest!

For workshoppers: REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN. We have a wide interpretation of the workshop. It can be hands-on or discussion based. It could be games, performances, panels, or extravaganzas. Registration does not guarantee you/your group a slot on the schedule. It depends on the number of workshops received, availability, and interest. We do ask for full disclosure of any plans to photograph or record your workshop, especially if the documentation will include participants. Please familiarize yourself with our safer space policy.

If you have any questions email us at

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