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June 30, 2011 by RVA Zine Fest

For those interested in tabling at the Zine Fest, your time has come. We are ready to accept tablers. if you are interested you can click here or on the “Table Registration” link on the top of the page.

We are excepting payment in the form of PayPal, cash, check or money order.

Tabling prices this year are as follows:

Half a Table: $10 

A Full Table: $20

Two Tables: $35

A zine fest is not a craft fair, comic book convention, or a book fair. We do not mind if these things are sold by tablers, but we do ask that they devote at least 50% of their stock to zines and other affordable printed matter.

Richmond Zine Fest will be held Oct. 8, 2011, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Gay Community Center of Richmond. Check back for more details about the Fest and other related events this summer as we raise funds to keep tabling fees low.

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Want to help Richmond Zine Fest? All donations go toward the cost of a renting a space for the annual event and printing for promotions. We rely on donations to keep fees for participating in full-day event affordable for in-state and out-of-state participants.

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